What to Post in Instagram Stories? 14 Highly Magnetic Content Ideas

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If you want to generate engagement on Instagram, gain visibility and sell a lot, then start investing in stories!

This is one of the features of the social network that most influences the purchase decision of users.

So knowing what to post in Instagram stories is a great way to attract and connect with potential customers.

If you use Instagram to make money on the internet , whether as an affiliate or in any other way, read the article until the end, because it is full of valuable tips for you to start posting in stories today.

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What to Post in Instagram Stories

The Instagram algorithm boosts the reach of those who are always posting content in stories, as this keeps users engaged with that profile.

The more posts you make in Instagram stories, the greater your reach.

So take advantage, stimulate the engagement of your followers and attract new ones.

Instagram will start showing your stories to more users.

To help you with this task, check out the list I prepared for you, with various types of content that you can use to encourage your followers to interact with your post.

1. Polls

There’s no better place on this social network to discover valuable information about your target audience than Stories polls .

Polls are also great for generating engagement.

You can create a poll with two answer options or use Slides Emoji, so that the answer is given through an emoji.

2. Templates

Templates are widely used to share posts of choice.

Ideal for generating engagement and attracting new followers.

Create a template with a theme and some options to choose from and post it, asking your followers to print it and post it to their stories too, with the answers marked.

Enjoy and create templates to promote the product or service you sell.

3. Review

If you use Instagram to promote physical products, either with a store or as an affiliate, you can create stories by reviewing the products you sell.

Followers will be curious to know about the products you’ve reviewed.

Reviews are able to influence the purchase decision of users, as people usually search the internet before buying a product.

4. Currents

The chains in Instagram stories is also content that makes your profile pump with engagement.

Chains are very fun and end up generating good movement in your stories.

5. Tap Image 

One of the metrics that Instagram uses to boost stories is the number of impressions.

Post photos in sequence and ask your followers to tap the image.

This type of content for stories sparks curiosity and drives clicks to go back and forth on this feature, which is great for the social network to show your posts to more users.

6. Memories

Who says you have to wait until Thursday to share a memory with your followers?

Instagram has a feature where you can share a memory of your profile at any time.

To do this, you just need to click on the clock icon (Archived Items) on the upper right side of your profile.

Memories always get a lot of comments, likes and shares, enjoy!

7. Question Box

Questions are also the type of content that generates a lot of engagement.

Create question boxes to answer questions from followers, to give tips, tell stories…

Take the opportunity to know what your target audience wants, what they need and offer it, in the form of content, in the next stories.

8. Highlights

Your bio is the first impression users get when they find your Instagram profile .

That’s why, if you promote products or services on the social network, this part needs to be well thought out, with important information about you and what you do.

However, you can also create highlights to introduce yourself to new users who don’t know you yet.

9. Tutorials

Take advantage of stories to share some skill, teaching followers how to do something, showing step by step.

A video of a few seconds, where they will learn something relevant, in a simple way, generates a lot of engagement, attracting more users and conquering potential customers.

10. Testimonials

Posting stories with testimonials from people who bought the product or service you offer is a trigger that influences other people a lot.

Show how your product or service has transformed people’s lives through testimonials.

Share prints with positive messages from satisfied customers, sent to you through comments, direct, whatsapp , email…

11. Videos

Videos are all the rage, not only on Instagram, but on any other social network.

Videos in stories generate a lot of connection with followers, as well as engagement, of course.

Videos end up getting a lot of directs.

Don’t forget to add a caption to your video .


Create promotions and jokes, asking your followers to post content and tag your profile and, in return, you repost their post .

In addition to generating engagement, it also generates authority and consideration.

13. Behind the scenes

Stories with behind-the-scenes content are always a hit.

Who doesn’t like to know what happens “behind the camera”?

This type of content brings you closer to your followers, creating a connection with them, which is a positive thing to gain the trust of your potential customer.

14. Lives

Live streams also generate a lot of engagement on your stories.

Even though it is a “perforated” broadcast, Instagram users love this type of content.

Take the opportunity to invite someone from the same market niche as you, to make the live more interesting and generate even more engagement, adding the audiences.

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