10 Security Plugins for WordPress

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We are going to show you some measures and systems that can promote a little more peace of mind regarding the security of your website.

Ten WordPress Security Plugins


This is perhaps the most popular among the WordPress security plugins, and also the one with one of the best reviews on the market. This is because it is very simple and complete, offering both antivirus and firewall action.

Also, after scanning the site, this plugin checks for possible infections and can make your site a little faster.

The free version is already quite complete and satisfactory, but the plugin still offers a premium version that includes country access blocking, two-step authentication and verification schedule.

Not to mention that, when it detects some kind of problem, the plugin sends an email notification to alert the person in charge.

Sucuri Security

Also very complete, this plugin offers a free version available in the WordPres repository.

Capable of monitoring the WordPress security of all content visible in your browser, meaning you may still miss hidden links.

The premium version allows for a scan that shows the exact moment the site was compromised, increasing the chances of blocking and greater security measures.

All in One WP

Very popular with users, this WordPress security plugin detects suspicious code, scans your website for vulnerability, implements or suggests security measures.

iThemes Security

Offers over 30 ways to secure your website.

Available in free and premium versions, for 80 dollars a year, guaranteeing the support of up to two sites.

This WordPress security plugin offers a number of optional security measures, from the basics to the most robust security system.

The cost-effectiveness of the paid verses is worth it.

5sec Google Authenticator

This WordPress security plugin requires two-step login protection, which is very common on banking and financial sites.

When trying to login, the plugin sends an authentication by cell phone message or email authenticating access. That is, even if someone tries to hack your website, you will instantly receive some notification about the possible attempt and you can take the necessary security measures immediately.

This WordPress Security plugin is available at a cost of 18 dollars per year, a very low cost when compared to the level of security guaranteed by the system.

BulletProof Security

It offers security quickly at a user’s click, automatically blocking the user in case of inactivity for a certain period. This WordPress security plugin is very common and easily found on educational websites and platforms.

The plugin allows full and partial backups, which can be programmed or executed manually, according to the user’s preference.

Both the free and premium versions guarantee WordPress security without compromising or slowing down your site.

The Premium version is available for $60 per year.

Ninja Security

At a very low cost, $12 a year, this WordPress security plugin performs more than 30 tests to check your website for vulnerability and keep it safe.

The initial test is done to verify the current scenario of your site and from the first test you can be alerted if the system finds any problem or security risk.

The plugin also presents suggestions for security measures and changes to make your venture more secure.

Shield WordPress Security

If you are starting your business, venture or website right now, this might be the most suitable WordPress security plugin for you, as it provides several features completely free of charge.

So, if you are on a budget and want to protect your website, this is a great option.

The system blocks suspicious users and codes, requires identification of all users and allows blocking of those it deems necessary.

In addition to increasing the WordPress security of your site, the system is easy to understand and very intuitive.


Available with plans starting at $39 per year, this WordPress security plugin does not have a free version. Plans can cost up to $299 a year.

This plugin’s system allows you to schedule daily, real-time backups quickly. In addition, backups are done incrementally, which guarantees the speed and performance of your website.

The system panel is super intuitive and easy to understand, in addition to being very beautiful.

The system also provides reports with information on identified and addressed threats whenever you want.


Powered by WordPress itself, this WordPress security plugin not only protects your website from spam but also increases your speed and makes your social media presence stronger and more meaningful.

It is also an excellent option for those who want to save money without risking the security of the site.

Available in a free version, suitable for small websites and blogs, the paid plans are available from 99 dollars a year and can cost more robust 299 dollars a year, ensuring maximum security for your site.

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